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Discover Moroccan culture in-depth,

Dive into Marrakech with our Explorer Series.

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"Are you looking for a local experience in Marrakech?

Book one of our Arabic workshops designed for travelers!"

A little bit of Arabic will make a difference in your stay in Morocco!

Offbeat Explorer

A workshop designed for cultural travelers who want to get a taste of the rich and flavorsome spoken Arabic called Darija (Moroccan dialect). Tea included.

Curious Explorer

A dynamic cultural experience: learn to cook Tagine while practicing key phrases in Arabic to enhance your connection with locals.

Get basic etiquette tips and insider information from your hosts: learn how to bargain in the souks, avoid unwanted attention in the Medina.

Serious Explorer

A workshop designed for travelers who want more Moroccan Arabic. Enjoy the thrills of a new language and the challenge of producing unfamiliar sounds. Experience language-learning the way it is meant to be: fun!