Moroccan Arabic for Travelers

Do you like to discover new places and pick up a few words on your travels?

Do you want to connect and build friendships with locals?

If you are looking for opportunities to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture then this is for you.

Curious Explorer is a 3-hour workshop on Moroccan Arabic (Darija). Plunge into the culture and engage in an interactive workshop in Arabic.

Yes, it’s possible to learn a lot in a few hours in an immersive and creative learning environment.  Enjoy the challenge of exploring a new language, and relish the opportunity to make sounds you have never made before!

Discover that Arabic is not impossible to learn and you will come away with new words you can use right away during your stay in Morocco.

Don’t take it too seriously – have fun and laugh at yourself when you make a language faux pas.  It’s part of the experience.   A few hours of language will make a huge difference to your travels.


At the end of the 3-hour workshop:

  •  You will feel more comfortable navigating your way around the Medina.
  •  You will be able to use appropriate greetings and ask basic questions.
  •  You will feel more confident bargaining in the souk and you may even enjoy shopping!
  • You will learn how to handle unwanted attention from hasslers.
  • You will become more familiar with the Arabic script.
  • You will learn about the gestures commonly used in conversation.

Our workshop includes a booklet and MP3 files that will be helpful as you use the language and connect with locals.

It also includes a cooking demonstration followed by a traditional meal that offers a perfect introduction to Moroccan etiquette.

Our workshop is taught by Moroccan teachers who are experienced in working with diverse international groups.