A taste of Moroccan Arabic

Offbeat Explorer is a 90 minute workshop, designed for cultural travelers, who want to get a taste of the rich and flavorsome spoken Arabic of Morocco.

Do you find unique cultures and peoples fascinating? Would you like to learn the art of bargaining in the souk? How about handling hasslers in a nice way?

Start your Moroccan experience by learning simple phrases, greetings and common gestures that will enhance your stay in Morocco. If you speak a little Arabic, you will see doors open and paths paved to better treatment and a more enjoyable trip.


At the end of the 90 minute workshop:

  • you will feel more comfortable navigating your way around the Medina
  • you will be able to use appropriate greetings and ask basic questions
  • you will feel more confident bargaining in the souk and you may even enjoy shopping!
  • you will learn how to handle unwanted attention from people trying to hassle you
  • you will learn the gestures commonly used in conversation


Our workshop includes a booklet and MP3files that will be helpful as you use the language and connect with locals.   Moroccans are, in general, very friendly and appreciate the fact that you are trying to speak their language.

The workshop is taught by Moroccan teachers who are experienced in working with diverse international groups.