Our Team

We are a multi-cultural team adept at navigating across cultures. We have years of international experience in cross-cultural interactions in social and business contexts. Having lived and traveled throughout Morocco and the region for many years, we speak the local language and are able to offer insight into the culture. We also have an extensive network across the country, with local business partners and like-minded organizations.

We understand the needs of those traveling, studying, living, and working in Morocco because we have done it—and are still doing it! Experience matters.

We emphasize language because people are our priority—and they are the best part of Morocco! We love to meet locals and people passing through.

What we value

We strive to provide quality service;

We make every effort to empower people;

We value creativity in our work;

We create a fun environment to learn about culture;

We support the local economy and give back to the community.

Our Expertise

We coach, train, and teach for success with a focus on culture and language.

We create opportunities for the global community to connect through, learn from and experience the rich culture of Morocco from our base in Marrakech, the tourism capital of Morocco.

We will help increase your understanding and appreciation of culture through experiential, immersive, hands-on learning and travel exposure.

We also collaborate and partner with local businesses to provide unique adventures to meet your individual needs.

What We Offer

Small class sizes for optimum participation and attention (8 people max);

Experiential and creative teaching methods;

Moroccan teachers experienced in working with diverse groups;

Materials in several languages including English, French and Spanish;

Customized program to meet your specific needs;

Multi-cultural management team currently living in Morocco with previous international experience.