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Our Salam Courses are:

  • for people who want to do intensive Arabic classes before starting their jobs.
  • for people who want to function in Arabic with Moroccan employees or co-workers.
  • for students doing exchange programmes.
  • for volunteers working on projects.

Prerequisite: Serious Explorer course or familiarity with the Arabic alphabet

Salam 1 is a 4-week intensive course in Moroccan Arabic where you learn to enunciate in Arabic and use the most common phrases and expressions. We provide MP3 files and written materials with translation and phonetics.

The emphasis is on speaking, not reading; you learn greetings and forms of politesse, shopping vocabulary and numerals.

Salam II covers the basic grammar of Moroccan Arabic and language skills for daily needs.

Now that you can read we no longer provide the phonetic transcription; instead we use comic-strips to illustrate and help you memorize the dialogues.

At the end of the intensive courses, Salam I and II, you will be able to speak idiomatically in everyday situations. The grammar of basic Moroccan Arabic is covered and you should be able to read Arabic texts. 


  • Our sessions are always 90 minutes long to make the most of the average concentration span.
  • We teach in small groups of no more than 8 participants.
  • The cost of materials and audio files are included in the price of our courses